Friday, March 28, 2014

Stunt and tumble clinic

April 18th (Fri - No School)
10-2pm (30 min lunch break) $25.00
April 19th - (Saturday)
High School Tryout Prep Clinic
10-2pm (30 min lunch break) $25.00
(Clinic includes tumbling, stunt, jumps, motions and spiriting) 
It's hard to be humble when you can JUMP, STUNT and TUMBLE!!!
  • Register online through paypal above.
  • Be sure to include your name and which camp you would like to attend.
  • You may also email Marilyn @, phone or text 863-808-2200

Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Tryout For All Star Teams.

Last Chance Tryout!

Aces will be holding another tryout for all star cheerleaders who would like to join our teams for this season.

  • Open to anyone.
  • Any level.
  • Saturday  September 17th at 1pm.
  • Aces gym Auburndale Florida.
  • Don't miss this last chance to join our cheer program.
  • If you would like more information Call 863 808 2200

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cheerleading Coaches - Choosing Your Team at Tryouts

It is time for cheerleading tryouts and you will soon be choosing the new cheerleaders for your team. You want only the best since you want your team to shine. You have great plans for your cheer team this year and you need to find the cheerleaders that will be able to work together to achieve those goals. You know that you are looking for girls that will fit in with the style of your team. But what exactly is it that you should be watching for at cheerleading tryouts?

The cheerleaders that you choose will portray an image that reflects greatly on your team.

Watch for cheerleaders who have a neat and clean appearance with minimal makeup and properly fitting clothing. Look for cheerleaders who are in shape. Does the cheerleader portray the image you want to put forth?

One of the most important tools that a cheerleader possesses is her voice. Listen for cheerleaders who know how to yell in a loud, solid voice without screeching or singing. Does the cheerleader enunciate well?

Does the cheerleader have a lot of enthusiasm? A cheerleader's voice should reflect the spirit of the team.

Does she smile? A cheerleader should smile regardless of how nervous, or frustrated she is.

The cheerleader should look like she is having fun out there.
Attitude & Personality

Attitude is probably the most important thing to watch for. A cheerleader with a poor attitude will never be a committed team player and will not reflect the spirit of your team. Look for a cheerleader that is outgoing, confident and friendly. Someone who does not give up easily and continues on with her head held high, even after making mistakes, will be a major asset to your team.
Willing to Try New Things

All the cheerleaders on your team will have to be open to trying new things, whether it is new dance moves or more advanced stunts. Watch for cheerleaders who are not afraid and will be willing to put forth the effort into trying something that they have never seen or done before, even if they may not succeed at it right away. A cheerleader that can do only a few stunts but tries hard to learn the new ones is more valuable than the cheerleader who can do many stunts but is unwilling to improve them or learn more.

Watch for cheerleaders who are not afraid to take control of a situation and are willing to initiate things, not just be a follower.
Team Work

Team work is extremely important as you need your team to work well together. Watch how the cheerleader interacts with others. Does she help another cheerleader out who was having trouble or does she stand aside and mock the teammate? Does the cheerleader speak of "I" or "we"? Does she interact with the other teammates or wish the other girls good luck?

A cheerleader who is versatile and can perform many functions within the team is quite valuable. Can the cheerleader be a base or a flier, or is she capable of doing either?
Tumbling & Stunts

If your team will be tumbling and/or stunting, have a minimum level in mind that each cheerleader must meet. Should they know how to do a back handspring? If the cheerleader has not mastered this, how willing is she to try to do so. What you are looking for and what each cheerleader needs to know is up to you and the needs of your team.

Look for cheerleaders who are knowledgeable. If you cheer for a school or sports team, look for cheerleaders who have a basic knowledge of the game and also perform well academically as grades may be a factor in the cheerleader being allowed to cheer. Also, look for cheerleaders who are going to be committed. Be up front about all commitments of not only practices and games but any competitions, camps, and community or school activities. It is also important to make the cheerleader aware of any financial commitments that may be necessary. Be sure that the cheerleader is able, and willing, to fulfill these commitments.
Taking the time to thoroughly evaluate each person trying out for the cheerleading squad can really determine the success of your team. Try not to rush your tryouts. Hold tryouts over a span of several days for the best results.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Coach Youth Cheerleading

Coaching a group of young cheerleaders can be a rewarding and fun experience. Teaching kids cheerleading stunts and cheers, and then helping them improve enough to perform in competition is a very proud feeling for any coach. But it's a big responsibility and requires commitment and training to be successful and respected by your cheerleaders. Many cheerleading coaches are former cheerleaders who have aged out of competition or college cheer but want to continue to participate in this exciting sport. There are many ways you can become a cheerleading coach and there are many first time coaches without any background in cheerleading. Regardless of your cheerleading experience, it's a good idea to become active within cheerleading communities online to build a network and get tips.

Master the fundamentals & techniques

If you aren't a former cheerleader yourself with experience in cheerleading competition, learn as many of the moves as you can and how to teach them correctly. You will be demonstrating these cheerleading dance and cheer moves for the kids in your program so make sure you practice them yourself and master the fundamental cheerleading stunts. You can also find many good cheerleading video tutorials online from professionals for free Cheer Warm-ups and Drills Make sure all of your cheerleaders are warmed up before working on drills. V-ups, straddle-ups, crunches, lunges, and squats will work the abdominal and leg muscles which are essential for high jumps. Also, make sure they warm up their arms, shoulders, and ankles. Pushups are a great exercise to warm up and strengthen the arms. Great Cheer Jumping Drills Have your squad practice cheer jumps to counts. Use music to help them stay on the beat and have fun. Having the squad stand in a circle is a good way to see if they are in unison on the jumps. While they are jumping, you should call out the type of cheer jumps and count out loud. Once they are warmed up, have your squad practice doing jumps into tumbling routines, such as back handsprings. Cheer Tumbling Drills Make sure each cheerleading member has been trained properly before practicing any cheerleading moves and that all cheer spotters know how to spot each particular move. Once you pair each cheerleader with a cheerleader spotter, circulate around the gym making sure everyone, spotter and tumbler, is doing the drill correctly and safely.
Start as an Assistant

Some gyms start training their coaches while the future coach is still competing. Having an older cheerleader, one who is near the end of his or her competitive career, working with the youngest cheerleaders as an assistant coach is a good way for everyone to get a feel for the new coach's abilities and dedication to coaching.
Get Certified

Each state has its own requirements for certification, and no coach should be permitted to coach a team for cheerleading competition without that certification. Doing so poses liability issues for the coach and the gym. In addition to state certification, there are three major certification programs. These meet the requirements for state certification in some states. The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA) offer a Spirit Safety Certification Program that consists of lectures, required readings, and a timed exam. The program focuses on safety, liability, medical responsibilities, and other topics related to cheerleader safety. The National Council for Spirit Safety and Education (NCSSE) offers core cheerleading classes in Principles and Ethics, Cheer Fundamentals, and Stunt & Tumbling I and II leading to Master level certification. If you work for a private gym doing competitive cheerleading, you can get certified through the U.S. All Star Federation. They offer six levels of certification and training includes hands-on demonstration and Practical Field Experience. First aid training is usually required for coaching. Even if it's not required for your program, a Red Cross First Aid program is a good idea.

There are many resources for cheerleading coaches available particularly online at free sites like where they have hundreds of free skills & drills and tips for coaching cheerleading. You should also try to take advantage of some of the camps and conventions offered. The more you know, the more you'll be able to teach your cheer squad. These programs typically focus on safety and you can never know enough about how to keep kids safe while still having fun and learning the proper techniques of cheerleading and dance.

By Trevor A. Sumner who works for, a youth cheerleading community dedicated to providing parents coaches and cheerleaders the tools and information to celebrate the love of the sport. has one of the most comprehensive, free cheerleading drill libraries in its active cheerleading community.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All Star Cheerleading Needs Small Gyms to Keep the Competition Alive.

Part 1
For years now all across the USA many gyms have been working hard to build successful all star cheerleading programs. Small enthusiastic businesses have trained and honed the cheer and tumbling skills of numerous boys and girls in order for them to compete against other teams at regional, state and national competitions. 

That is, for those of you who have forgotten, what all star cheerleading is all about, competing against other teams. 
Without other teams the whole process is somewhat futile. Right now, as you read this, some organizations are putting all star cheerleading as we know and love it at risk.
Recently, an increasing number of large gyms have started to apply undue pressure on these small businesses. Large cheerleading gyms have been offering financial incentives to lure kids away from their local gyms in some instances offering free tuition or free competition fees or even both to talented individuals in order to convince them to join their gym. Once a few start to leave there is less and less to keep the rest where they are and next thing you know whole teams have left damaging the the very organization which has spent years nurturing and training these athletes.

During periods of financial hardship, as we are experiencing in the USA at the present time, this tactic is very effective. 

Many parents are amazed at the generosity that these large gyms appear to demonstrate towards themselves and their children not realizing that beneath the thin facade of giving lies the corporate truth of the need to dispose of large sums of money for tax purposes. This is ok of course if you happen to be on the receiving end but it isn't quite the gift it appears to be. This gift will close down other gyms and destroy all star cheerleading as you know it if it is left unchecked.......
Check back for the rest of the article or click here now for the complete version

Sunday, August 23, 2009


If you haven't tried Zumba yet you need to get to the Aces gym to get your 1 hour workout with our coach Vanessa. A typical Zumba Fitness workout mixes together body sculpting movements with a variety of dance steps derived from merengue, salsa, hip hop, mambo, rumba, flamenco, and calypso and Salsaton. The routines generally feature aerobic interval training with an interesting combination of fast and slow rhythms. Zumba fitness training targets areas such as the glutes, legs, arms, abdominals, and the heart.

Click here for more information about Zumba

A Time For Change

There have been some changes in the aces Gym during the last few weeks and whilst change is sometimes difficult for some people to accept it is very often needed in order to move forward to new levels.
We sincerely hope that everyone will just continue with their cheerleading and tumbling activities as before and trust that the management and coaches will make the necessary adjustments to improve our facility for all gym members.

We are going to be adding a new tumbling coach in the next few days, he will be taking over some of the coaching responsibilities of the previous coach and adding other classes for those of you who need serious advanced tumbling tuition.

Aces cheerleaders in Daytona

All Star Cheerleading Picture

All Star Cheerleading Picture
Level 4